Process Service in Taiwan

Plaintiffs who intend to serve judicial document in Taiwan may follow either one of the two procedures listed below.

  1. Judicial Assistance Service (JAS):

    Taiwan is not a signatory state of 1965 Hague Convention, therefore, there is no central authority for litigants to serve the judicial documents. Letters Rogatory from foreign courts shall be transmitted via Taiwan’s embassy or Representative Office in oversea countries.

    JAS procedure may take three to six months to complete, regardless of the result of service. The time is consumed mainly on administrative procedure.

    Because the JAS is in compliance with the Taiwanese Civil Procedure Law, JAS is the ideal way for legal procedure which is expected to be enforced in Taiwan in the future. Taiwan court may recognize foreign judgment (subject to other conditions) which follows the JAS on the regard of service.

    What can we do for our clients?
    For JAS procedure, we can provide consultation, prepare the paper works for application, and help our clients keeping a precise follow-up. We will also help tracking the case and provide clients the result before the official report is given, which allows our clients to manage their case more efficiently.

  2. Private Process Server (PPS): 

    For legal action not to be enforced in Taiwan, A private process server may be a better choice than JAS.

Why use our process server:

  1. Efficiency: It usually can be done within one week.

  2. Accuracy: Documents are delivered by our staff in person, rather sent by postal mail. We guarantee the accuracy of service.

  3. Simplicity: Translation fee may be saved, unless the laws of the sender’s country/state stipulates otherwise.

  4. Flexibility: Once the defendants attend the court or by instructing an attorney to do so, the service via PPS will be as effective as JAS, the service will not be an issue even if seeking enforcement in Taiwan in the future.

    What can we do for our clients?
    Per our clients’ requirements, our staff will manage to deliver the process in person to the recipient, or start searching for recipient’s current dwelling address if the address provided by the client is proved to be incorrect. We will also provide an affidavit notarized by a notary public of the Taipei District Court (or a specific authority as per clients’ request, such as the general consulate) as a proof of service.

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