Our Services

Lian Li has a substantial international debt collection practice, which focuses on commercial account receivables, gaming debts, and court order enforcement. Supported by our strong legal team, we negotiate and take legal actions for our clients to retrieve the most of payments from their debtors. Our goal is to protect our clients’ assets, increase their cash flow, and assist their core business.

In addition to our traditional reputation as a leader in the collection business, we also assist our clients serving their summons and complaints to defendants residing in Taiwan. We are the true local experts and use our own agent to make constant visit, your job will never be outsourced.

Our professional services include, but not limited to, the followings areas:

  1. Commission Based Debt Recovery: We only charge our clients when there is recovery, and the nominal management fee is usually covered by the commission. For keeping us professional, we only work for the financial institutions, telecommunication companies, and/or international business clients. We do not work for local non-corporate clients.    Q&A
  2. Law Firm Practice:Lian Li’s lawyers can provide a broad spectrum of services, including legal opinions, legal documents, litigations, and negotiations. In conjunction with our debts recovery approaches, these legal services can provide our clients a complete, efficient, and cost effective solution to achieve their goals.   Q&A
  3. Escrow Account Services: We provide escrow services for documents or funds from both creditors and debtors. This service provides great business solutions and simplifies the negotiation by helping our clients keep track of their funds.
  4. Service of Process: Lian Li is a most dedicated professional process server in Taiwan. With the knowledge in our local culture and people, Lian Li can provide process service for foreign summons, complaints and all legal documents with high efficiency.   Q&A