Founded in 1986, Lian Li Asset Management Corp. and Lian Li Law Office consistently deliver outstanding results in international commercial collection and credit card debt collection, and we are widely recognized as the leading collection agency in Taiwan. We provide collection services to some of the world’s most well-known corporations and as well as financial institutions. Lian Li is also the member of TCCA (Taiwan Credit and Collection Association) and FINMA (The Financial Institute NPL Management Association, ROC).

Lian Li understand that our clients need a prompt and successful collection service, a hassle-free contingent fee basis, and the ability to solve their problems legally and efficiently. Without the fear of high hourly charge of legal fee, Lian Li provided the unparalleled service on this field. We are experience in both amicable collection and litigation, and we aim to protect our client’s asset, increase their cash flow, and help them dedicate to their core business.

Whether you’re from a bank who wants to decrease the bad accounts, running a business which is eager to recover the loss due to unpaid bill, or a company in entertainment industry who is bothered by irresponsible customers, we are committed to making your business become more prosperous.